Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Icing Magnetix

To quote my mom.. "Magnetic polish?  What else will they come up with!"  I saw swatches of the 4 Icing Magnetix polishes from The PolishAholic (here) and thought OMG those are AWESOME!!!
The next day I found myself sneaking off to the mall to get these.  I only picked up 2, the Gray and the Red, since they were buy one get one 50% off. 

Of course I am not as good as The PolishAholic (her name is Jen also) but I tried these out anyway.  My results were not nearly as perfect and these were extremely hard for me to photograph.  


For these Magnetix polishes I've read to do 2 coats.  1 without the magnet, and then the 2nd with the magnet.  I let the first coat dry on all of my nails and then started on the 2nd coat.  After painting each nail I closed the bottle and used the magnet for 20-30 seconds, then painted the next nail.  This didn't take too much time.  I tried to alternate the direction that I used the magnet between each nail, which didn't help when I was trying to take pictures.  I'm thinking maybe I count too fast, because these did not come out as well as others I've seen!  Maybe the red will be better?

Below is a picture of the magnet.  It has a lip to rest on your cuticle so that you don't hit the wet polish and mess it up.  It's round and not too big, so I also had a feeling that maybe my nails are too long for it, and that's why the ends looks unaffected.  This magnet is straight and the magnet that I have on the red bottle is wavy so I am excited to try that one soon. 

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