Thursday, February 2, 2012

A-England Princess Tears

We're more than halfway through the week.. we can make it!  I hope!   My weeks have gotten to be too busy that I don't feel like I'm going to make it through anymore.  

I think it's no secret to anyone who has read my blog, or to my friends that I've talked to about nail polish - I LOVE the new brand A-England! When I saw that Llarowe mentioned and second line coming out in January I was so excited to see pictures.  I must admit, my first thought was "Eh, no colors that I need to have."  Everything seemed to be dark and green and nothing that I was excited about.  I started to see some swatches and found 2 that I liked enough to buy from Llarowe.

Her shipping was so fast and these came so quickly!  The first one that I tried was Princess Tears.  I'll post a few pictures and then write about them afterwards.

Indoor - next to a window

You can really see the hologram effect here

Outside - trying to capture the hologram
This collection from A-England, The Legend, is a follow up to The Mythicals.  The Mythicals was a mixed collection of hologram and cream polishes while The Legends is all holograms.  Those were the polishes that stood out to me from the first collection, see my post of Tristam from the Mythical's here.

A England Princess Tears looks purple to me in some lights, and pink in others.  Sometimes the glitters completely sparkle and look multi-colored, and sometimes they just have a silver tint to them.  It's really amazing to see in different lights and even when sitting in the same light if you rotate your nails you see how different they look.

For the first time, I was able to get a picture outside in the sun. It didn't quite capture what I was trying to do, because it was late and the sun was going down already, but I tried! Wearing this made me want to put Tristam on again and see it in the sun!

All in all, Adina at A-England never fails and this polish is amazing.  Great formula, great wear, and super effect.  I wore this polish for 4 days and had no visible tip wear!  I'll probably do a few manicures with different types of polishes before I try my next A-England that I got, Princess Sabra aka Tristam's Eyes just so that I have a chance to miss the hologram.

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