Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Good morning everyone!   Because I had to go into work a little late yesterday I was able to get a natural lighting picture of my nails.

Natural Lighting
I found a picture yesterday on my favorite blog and used that for inspiration to change the ring finger design last night.  This would look better if I didn't have glitter on all my nails and is definitely a look that I will try again with other colors.   I originally was unsure how to do this perfectly and thought that using tape would work, but I am not patient enough for the amount of time needed to let each color dry (even the base coat) before putting the tape on.  I ended up doing this freehand and the glitter line really does a fabulous job of making the color breaks look very clean and crisp.

 Colors used are (from L To R):

Lasplash Sparkling Whaletail
OPI Ogre the Top Blue (Shrek Collection)
Essie Mezmerised
OPI Road House Blues (Touring America Collection)

I'm already tired of the manicure that I did Sunday night and depending on what time I get home tonight I plan to do my nails again =)  Stay posted for another blog update!

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