Sunday, November 13, 2011

Still Touring America

What a great weekend!  Got to spend a lot of time with friends & family & since tomorrow is Monday & it's back to work I decided that I needed to do one more thing for ME this weekend!  It's only been 3 days since I did my last manicure but it was time for a change.  I stuck with the OPI Touring America Collection & used Road House Blues which is a very dark navy blue but is definitely one of the most popular colors this fall season.  

Based on my readings about taking pictures of nails, I am going to try my hardest to only post pictures taken from my actual camera & not my iPhone.  I definitely see a difference & understand why using cell phone pictures on a blog is a huge no no.  I apologize for the pictures that I posted last week but it was more convenient using the ones on my iPhone. *Please note that I am still not great at painting my own nails neatly.  I tried to clean up my swatch hand before taking these pictures but it's not perfect.

The below pictures were taken with my camera, in indoor mode, on the macro setting with no flash.  After the first round of pictures I went and added Make U Smile, which is a part of the Justin Bieber [One Less Lonely Girl] Nicole by OPI Collection and is something new that I had yet to use but was very excited for. 

Road House Blues - Touring America OPI Fall 2011 Collection
This one is rotated weird and I'm not sure how to change that...

Road House Blues + Make U Smile

Testing hand positions... I this I prefer a bottle in my hand but my pinky doesn't come out well
This picture is with the flash and not in indoor mode.  It looks a lot more purple with a flash. 

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