Saturday, November 26, 2011

Recycle Please

Even though I keep thinking it's Sunday - Happy Saturday!!  I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately I still can't drive and can't walk or stand for too long so I've been limited in where I can go lately.  I was able to talk my mom into taking me to Sally Beauty Supply to get my first few China Glaze colors.  In an eager attempt to use them and not wanting to only use one, I decided that today's look would be ..... drum roll please .....

....... [the much dreaded]  WATER MARBLING!!!

I knew that I wanted to use China Glaze Recycle first and having all of the colors on my desk, Spontaneous and Rich & Famous were just screaming "use me".  I am extremely happy with how this came out and I might not be as hesitant in the future to do more water marble looks.  Once I saw the finished product I could not wait to throw some INM Northern Lights on!

Finished Product! <3

Polishes in cup

Colors used

I hope you all like the new site logo, color scheme & the new various side info and don't forget to vote using the new "Interesting, Cool, Lame" buttons on the bottom of each post.

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