Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 2

Today is the second day of my blog and I spent a lot of time doing my nails yesterday. I couldn't get anything to look good!  I tried a new matte polish that I got last week called Zoya Loredana.  The color came out very nice and looked great. At first I thought it wasn't matte but it was just wet. Once dry it looked great!  Only problem was that because of the matte look I couldn't use a top coat.  I was also unsure how many coats to put on so I did 2 and I think I could have stopped at one.
The polish just wasn't drying and seemed clumpy!!  I was so tired of waiting for it to dry that I took out my Essie Matte About You top coat which will turn any color to matte, and it destroyed the sparkle in the polish so I ended up taking it all off.  

The picture above is before using the Matte About You top coat

Of course my nails have to be painted so I was sitting in front of my collection thinking now what???  I decided to finally try the green color from the OPI Touring America collection (their Fall 2011 line).  The color is called Uh Oh Roll Down the Window and is a puke green.  I decided to again do something simple with dots since I am still struggling with my bundle monster plates working with my Konad stamper and I used OPI Glitzerland and OPI Stranger Tides (Pirates of the Caribbean Collection).   The picture is below but I have since ruined this look by adding my new INM Northern Lights top coat =(. 

I hope you all enjoy my new blog and stay tuned!  I'm going to try to get more daring and creative with my nails with a lot of inspiration coming from things I've read in other nail blogs.  Post any suggestions in the comments below! 

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