Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Juggle...Men

Hey everyone!

I'm expecting a much anticipated polish delivery any day now so I didn't want to do something that I would get attached to like the water marble.
I've been wanting to try an OPI polish that I picked up recently because I loved the name so much!!  OPI I Juggle...Men is from the Femme de Cirque collection, which is a collection of 4 soft shades.  This is the only one that is in my collection and I must admit, it didn't do much for me! It is basically a top coat with some soft blue & purple shimmer in it.  Maybe if it was over a different color I would like it, but I am still a believer in INM Northern Lights for a hologram/shimmer top coat!

I had a tough time deciding on a base color so I went with my default pedicure color - OPI Pamplona Purple from the Coleccion de Espana.

Pamplona Purple

I Juggle...Men

Let me know what you think of Pamplona Purple, my favorite pedicure color, and I Juggle...Men, even if you only like the name!

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