Wednesday, November 16, 2011

First Official *PINK WEDNESDAY!!*

In honor of my love for the movie Mean Girls, I added my blog to the list of blogs who participate in On Wednesdays We Wear Pink.  I will not be doing pink nails every Wednesday but I will try to do this at least once a month, of course on a Wednesday.  If you are interested in finding out more about On Wednesday We Wear Pink, click here.  There is also a picture towards the top right of my page with a live link to their website.

On to my nails!!  I loved the look that I created with the 3 blue colors that I posted yesterday morning and wanted to continue to perfect that but with other colors.  I was tired of the blue with all the glitter on it, so I decided it was time to do this look with pinks since it conveniently was Wednesday!  For the base color I used Zoya Bela and since this is only my second time using a Zoya color I must say I am not impressed.  I've read good things and have seen a lot of images with Zoya in other blogs.  Because this is such a light pink I went for 3 coats and 2 of my nails keep smudging.  I will attempt to fix those later but unfortunately I don't have time before work.

For the tri-colored nails (thumb & ring finger) I used:
Zoya Bela
OPI Sparrow Me The Drama (Pirates of the Caribbean collection)
Essie No Boundaries

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