Thursday, December 15, 2011

Essie LuxEffects

I am sooo excited to have another day off today!  I am hoping to make some time for trying out the rest of the new Zoya's that I got in the mail this week from the second Zoya Flash promo but since I was so tired due to the extra long hours I have been working, I decided it was time to try Essie LuxEffects on top of the Zoya Megan.

LuxEffects is a new the new Holiday Collection from Essie which is pretty much just glitter top coats! 

None of these polishes are full coverage or think enough to even attempt to be used as a full coverage color.  I tested most of them when I found them in Bed Bath & Beyond and did not buy at first because the pink one was sold out.  Less then a week later I was in the same store and they had all of the colors in again!  I decided that I had to have the pink one.  I used this as a french tip on top of Zoya Megan and I love the look!

A Cut Above

I love the shape of the glitters in this!  Some are very small and some are big hexagons! You can really see the shapes in this close up below (and the label on the top that says LuxEffects).

This polish will absolutely be making MANY reappearances!

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