Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Hey Everyone!!!

Recently I saw one of my friends had this GREAT Deborah Lippmann polish that was a blue base with glitter and thought it was a color that I would absolutely need to find sometimes similar to.  A few days later I found a polish at Bed Bath & Beyond that looked like the same thing, but purple and was by Revlon.
Revlon Scandalous.  When I first started to put this on it was very sheer and seemed sorta grayish black based with purple small and large hex shaped glitters.  With 2 coats it was much more opaque and looks more black even though the bottle looks almost all purple.  This is the first Revlon color that I've bought in years.  Unfortunately, I didn't have it on long enough to know how it wears and if it chips fast enough.  

I think the blue Deborah Lippmann is nicer! 


  1. i'm glad you think so highly of my polish!! you can borrow it whenever you want. She has another polish called Bad Romance which looks just like this color

  2. I just bought this today, it looks fantastic in the bottle and I love how this looks on your nails! I am so excited I can't wait to try it out.