Friday, January 20, 2012

A-England Mythicals Part 2

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY that I have been too busy to post anything, but I've also been too busy to paint my nails.  The polish was on long enough to chip!  That NEVERRRR happens lately!!!!!!!!   I've started to pick up more hours at my second job since my feet are getting better, and as a result I'm too tired to paint normally.. and feeling very uncreative.
For today's post - I FINALLLY have A-England TRISTAM!  I ordered this polish on Black Friday and it finally arrived the first Saturday in January!  Thank you to Llawore for keeping my bottle on backorder after the first shipment got lost.  I REALLY appreciate it and cannot wait to buy more from you because your customer service was phenomenal. The next polish that I'm dying to have is Lynndrella Connect The Dots so I will be waiting for more to go on sale.  I know that one is extremely hard to find.

Enough of that rant.. back to the good stuff!

A-England Tristam...the pictures almost speak for themselves.  

Unfortunately, when I actually wore this (I couldn't wait to try it, but didn't have time to write about it) - the sun wasn't out all 5 of those days!  I wanted sun pictures so badly because it really does look so different in the sun, but home pictures were the best I could do.

Tristam is a navy blue with glitter/hologram specks in it.  The specks look all silver when the polish isn't in the sun, but when in the sun it looks much more colorful and amazing.  Because I had this polish on for some long I can really say that it lasted a long time and the tips did start to wear a little bit. This polish was easy to remove, unlike true glitter polishes, and also did not stain my nails!!

The new A-England Collection, The Legend, has been released and can be ordered through Adina at A-England and soon from Llarowe.  I am waiting to see more swatches to see what colors I fall in love with before I start to buy some.

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