Sunday, January 8, 2012

OPI Steady as She Rose

Well, the weekend is almost over and I'm exhausted!  Two nights of partying in Atlantic City with some of my best friends is tiring!  Those girls definitely wear me out and having this awful cold and cough did not help. 
I wanted my nails to match what I wore last night.  It was a dusty rose top that has a scalloped design, with silver sequins and some mesh pattern to it (pic below).  It took me a few minutes to really identify what color I had, if any, that would go with this shirt.  I immediately went to the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection because all of those colors are very dusty, and picked up Sparrow Me the Drama, which was way too pink, then I thought maybe it was a purple shirt, but Planks a Lot was too purple, and then I finally saw Steady as She Rose sitting there and knew that was it!

OPI Steady as She Rose is a beautiful dusty rose! The above picture is with 3 coats so that I reached the color that I wanted.  I am FINALLLLLLLLY using my Bundle Monster stamps.  I finally got Konad Special polish, and got the stamper to work so for the ring finger I used plate BM209 with silver Konad Special polish.  I then filled in some of the spaces created by the fishnet design on the stamp with a silver Wet and Wild mini polish called Silvivor.  This was really hard to photograph because the silver showed up very light on the pink. 

It's hard to see the mesh in the pictures, but between each scalloped piece is some mesh.  A link to the shirt is here.

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