Monday, January 23, 2012


Welcome to Part 2 of the Nicki Minaj series.... Fly, with special guest Save Me.

I feel like I've been so into colors like this next one.  I can compare it to A-England Galahad and to Zoya Breezi!  All of them are sorta bluish teal and reallllly get my excited!

OPI Fly. I had the chance to wear this color for 4 full days and got so used to the color and really liked how it looked after so many days.  This is one of my favorite all time colors!  It wore so well, barely any chips in that time but taking it off did stain my nails a little!

I added to the ring finger and thumb 2 coats of Save Me glitter and the 2 nails on each hand that had it, stained the worst, but I really liked how it looked. Save me was a great combination of silver glitter and bar glitter mixed into one.  The bar glitter colors match the colors in this collection perfectly!!! 

You can really see the bar glitter in this macro shot!

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