Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Zoya Flash Promos - A Girls Best Friend

Since I recently joined Twitter and started following a lot of nail brands I discovered that Zoya is having what they call "Flash Sales" during the whole month of December.  At any time they will post on their Facebook and Twitter accounts a new deal, usually saying
"The first ___ customers get...".  These deals are all different (from 1 bottle free, to 3 bottles free, to a whole collection free!) and the number of people who can get them range from 25 to 1500.

I have been able to snag 2 deals and will be getting 9 new Zoya colors very soon!  The first 3 already came in the mail with a free Color Box, which is such a nice way to display colors!  For today I have one of these 3 colors - Zoya Anja.  When I looked at this color in the bottle, it looked sooo much like OPI We'll Always Have Paris (which is what I used for my wonderful dotting last week) but when I put it on it looked completely different, and much darker. 

Zoya Anja
Zoya Anja is a deep Burgundy that is from the Zoya Smoke Collection (Fall 2011).  I think it looks more purple on the website than Burgundy, but I like it a lot and would definitely recommend it!

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